Fixture Group:

Division One


Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue
18/03/14 08:30 PM Gaffers A The Peacocks Gaffers
16/04/14 08:30 PM The Treehouse A The Peacocks The Treehouse
28/04/14 08:30 PM Dreamers A Terrace Bar A Dreamers Bar
29/04/14 08:30 PM Phoenix Potters Dreamers A Phoenix Bar
06/05/14 08:30 PM Dreamers A Phoenix Knights Dreamers Bar
06/05/14 08:30 PM Inn The Pink A Gaffers A Inn The Pink
06/05/14 08:30 PM Palms Bar A Exiles A Palms Bar
06/05/14 08:30 PM Phoenix Potters The Treehouse A Phoenix Bar
06/05/14 08:30 PM Tenerife Hammers C Tenerife Hammers A Palms Bar Table 2
06/05/14 08:30 PM Terrace Bar A Toscales A Terrace Bar
07/05/14 08:30 PM Bar La Cana A The Peacocks La Cana
13/05/14 08:30 PM Exiles A Dreamers A Exiles Bar
13/05/14 08:30 PM Gaffers A Palms Bar A Gaffers
13/05/14 08:30 PM Phoenix Knights Tenerife Hammers C Phoenix Bar